These clothing styles are more unique! Learn to find the head with one click, and the blogger has insight into the top trend

With vertical stylized clothing as the center, Southeast Asian consumers have formed a user mental and ecological pattern of style search, online purchase and brand re purchase.

Korean hot girl style, sweet girl style, Thai dress, dress… In the circulation field of Southeast Asian clothing supply chain, vertical stylization is conducting new market cutting and category segmentation around clothing.

Different entry paths, while meeting buyers’ style preferences, have largely opened up another possibility of going to sea in the clothing market, and also ushered in a golden age for brand sellers. For example, on the lazada platform, in 2021 alone, hundreds of sellers bet on vertical stylized clothing and the refined operation of various sites in Southeast Asia, completing the transformation and upgrading of product differentiation and brand sales.

Undeniably, when the vertical style of clothing has gradually become the industry trend guide, the supply advantage of the product side, coupled with the resource pit and operation support of the platform channel side, the vertical and high-quality products are a large-scale segment upgrade for the brand. Behind this, product style positioning, brand layout and platform operation are indispensable.

Post time: Jun-22-2022