The most popular colors in 2022



The color series of spring and summer 2022 combines our demand for simplicity and stability with our desire for unrestrained self-expression and border breaking. Pantone, an international fashion color forecasting agency, released the fashion color trend report of 2022 London Fashion week. The content of this season includes 10 popular colors and 5 core classic colors of the season, which are expected to be seen in the new spring and summer series launched by London designers.

The colors of London Fashion Week in spring and summer 2022 advocate new emotions of simplicity and improvisation, integrate our deep connection with nature and our need for comfort and familiarity, and present light and happy pink colors and eye-catching bright colors. In this complementary and contrasting tone, these colors stimulate playful creativity and expression full of life and freedom.
Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone color Research Institute, said: “our use of color will be connected to the cultural atmosphere. When we explore a new future, we will look for opportunities to subvert previous practices. When we enter this era, we will praise the color of our desire to break the boundaries, which can meet our warm needs for playful creativity and unrestrained visual expression.”

Coffee quarter is a rich flavor of brown, which is both a basic color and adds elegance.

Post time: Jun-15-2022